Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Jack 4 months

Jack is 4 months old and super adorable.  He is all smiles and loves to laugh.

4 month comparison with Mason and Paige.

Here's a little about Jack at 4 months:

-he loves to eat his hands and anything else he can grab onto
-he has rolled over a few times but they were a fluke; he was on his tummy and would bobble his head and the momentum rolled him over
-sometimes after he just falls asleep he will laugh
-he loves to look at me while eating and smile or laugh
-he has started to do some louder talking and screaming noises
-he loves when Paige and Mason talk to him
-he is a great sleeper at night and will sleep from around 9:30 pm till around 4:30 or 5am; it's the best
-his naps in the daytime are usually shorter power naps around 25-30 minutes long; he wakes up from gas pains or loud noises from his siblings being crazy
-he still seems sensitive to dairy or something and will sometimes have loud painful cries, and he spits up a lot
-he is ticklish and will laugh if I tickle him under his armpits, on his belly or in his neck
-he loves his swing, it's his favorite napping place; he especially loves the music along with the swinging both of them can calm him down quick and help him fall asleep
-he does not like being held like a football, he prefers being held facing outward or standing up
-his bouncy chair animals are some of his best friends that he talks to and can grab and yell at
-we put him in the exersaucer for the first time and he liked it.  He can stand but can only keep his head stabilized for so long before he gets done.

Some fun stuff with Mason:
-He had a pretty nasty crash on his bike that resulted in some stitches on his cheek, fat lips, and a really bloody face.  He was a champ the whole time from his crash on even when he was getting cleaned up and stitches.  Since his crash he has gotten back on his bike and continues to ask to ride; but says he won't ride on the hill he crashed on or any new gravel.

Here's his face's healing progression:

-I bought him new shorts for the summer and he loves them.  He was so excited to have new shorts I don't think he'll wear pants again till fall.  He must be like his dad where he wants to wear shorts and flip flops everyday
-on one of our walks to John and Debbie's there was a bunny on the trail and Mason got so excited screaming, "A bunny, I saw my first bunny!"
-he is getting close to the end of preschool, still loving school and getting to do fun things like field trips to fire stations; where he was trying to be a good big brother and keep track of Paige.  He would get frustrated when she would walk with the group of kids and not hold his hand he told me she was not being a good listener.

-He also had a little art show at his preschool to show some of the fun crafts they had made.

-she was lucky enough to finally get to go on one of Mason's field trips and of course it was probably one of the more fun trips;  Paige loved the fire station and was brave enough to ride inside the truck with all the other kids

-she is a great big sister and always comes into our room in the morning asking about Jack if he's awake or still sleeping, and is a great car buddy talking to him or singing his songs if he's sad during our drives
-she is the biggest girly girl sometimes with dresses and pink and princeses then turn around and start fighting her princesses and growling like a tiger or dinosuar

-Paige loves to go to stores with me, and knows the stores not by their names but by what free food she can get or how big the carts are
-she is finally potty trained.  I tried back in early November and she had no grasp of the concept so we nixed it until after Jack was born then waited till we finished our traveling in March and family visits in April.  It worked out great that we started a couple days after my sister Zoe got here to stay with us for the summer, so she could help with the other kids so I could focus on Paige. It only took about a day and she got it down.  She has only had one accident since and loves being a big girl with all her princess and superhero underwear
-she loves to play in the dirt at Mason's tee ball, and build fairy houses(this is one of the cleanest she's been after his practice or a game)

Christoper is  still working hard at the Attorney General's office but is planning a transition into Labors and Industry division where hopefully the work will be more predictable and less emotionally taxing on him.  He is mountain biking as often as the weather permits and I can handle with him being gone; but of course he wishes it could be more.  He is prepping a to climb Mount Baker with the scouts in our church's young men's organization and is really excited to do that.
We are slowing making progress on our backyard, ripping out blackberry bushes, leveling ground, ripping out stumps and hoping to get it ready for the possibility of a fence for next year.

Jack 3 Months

Jack is 3 months and still as happy as can be.

3 Month Comparison

He loves being held, and looking at people; especially his Great Grandmas.

He is starting to be more interactive laughing and smiling.  He recognizes us and is happy whenever we come close to him.  He is still a great night time sleeper and loves taking naps in the swing.

He is getting better at holding his head up and doing longer tummy times, and even sat in his bumbo for the first time.

He is getting closer to being able to control his hands grabbing for toys and things we hold out in front of him.  He loves smiling at Mason and Paige and is getting bigger everyday!

Last Trip to California

We went down for my sister's wedding, and it was also our last trip to my childhood home since my parents are moving as a result of them transferring to Hawaii for my Dad's last 5 years before retiring.  I took all 3 kids on the airplane by myself, and I was so happy they behaved well and made the trip totally easy.

We loved having the backyard to run around in, and cousins to play with.  I helped my mom a little with cleaning out and organizing some rooms before their big move. The cleaning resulted in us throwing out the cardboard fabric holder things; Mason decided they were better to play with and loved chopping them and Lindsay was brave enough to hold them because I wasn't.

We were lucky enough to be there for my youngest and last sister to receive her endowment and go through the temple.  It was a little tricky trying to figure a way for me to be there while having a 2 months old but luckily we got it figured out.

My sister Wynne and Johnathan were married for time and all eternity March 17th.  We took pictures at the temple and then returned home for a lunch before the reception that evening.  We were praying all week for the weather to cooperate so my sister could have her reception outside but it didn't, so we had to go to plan B and set up the church gym.  I think it turned out really pretty and it seemed like everyone had a great time.

I loved being there and being able to see all of my siblings and a lot of my family that I haven't seen for a while.

It was sad leaving the house that I grew up in and all the memories we made there, but I know that wherever we are together is our home, and I can't wait to make more memories in the next one.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jack 2 months

It went by so fast and he is already so much bigger.

2 Month Comparison
MASON                                                        PAIGE                                                         JACK

Jack is continuing to be a great sleeper, he has started to spit up more, and seems to be having a little less gas but can also handle it better.

He SMILED!  I was hoping that he would smile at me on Valentine's Day because he was so close but he made me wait until the next day.  Since then he has made me really happy by showing lots of gummy smiles.

He loves watching the kids and will quiet down almost every time we send Paige or Mason over to talk to him.

He is favoring looking to his left, so we're making sure he gets lots of chances to looking to his right and strengthen his muscles; tummy time, burps and anytime he naps on me.

Paige and Mason have been keeping busy, playing in tents. The day they had their tents up I went to put some of their toys away in their room and all the toy buckets were only about half way full.  So I can't imagine how many toys they were hoarding inside their tents and how they were able to sleep with so many toys.

Mason has asked multiple times to ride his bike, but because of the cold weather he's only been able to go a couple times and usually only for a short time when he was too cold to hold onto his handle bars.
He is starting to be more stubborn in wanting to be a grown up and make his own decisions; which is nice at times but can also lead him to getting in trouble.  He is always excited when Christopher comes home and will ask him what he wants to do, thinking he'll say "play a video game" and if he doesn't say it sometimes Mason will ask him again hoping he'll change what he's said.

He loves creating things with his craft bucket, and all his legos.

This is the most attentive he has been to Jack and I absolutely loved watching him take care of Jack when he cried.

And each day I get a fun surprise on my phone of the new pictures he's taken.  And he recently found his church sweaters and vests and is constantly wearing the vest running around the house claiming he's a pirate.

Paige continues to be adorable and sassy and stubborn and cute.  She is still a huge Mama's girl but is starting to ease up a bit.  She has even started to be more cuddly with Christopher during movies and shows.  One night she came into our room during the night and she isn't supposed to be in our bed but Christopher thought it was so cute how she wanted to lay with him that he pulled her up into the bed and she snuggled with him almost the whole night, he loved it.

We've had a couple days of sunshine that lowed us to play outside and go to parks.  I love having kids at these ages for parks because they still enjoy them and can do almost everything at the park.

One day while running on the treadmill Paige decided to jump on the couch and smashed her face splitting her lip, and tearing her labia frenulum, the skin that connects your top lip to your gums.  Needless to say there was a lot of crying and a lot of blood.  This is the closest she would let me get to her lips. Glad she is tough and hasn't really complained about it since.

Jack 1 Month, kid update

Jack is now one month old.

Here are comparison pics of Mason and Paige his Jack's stats from when he was about 3 weeks.

He is a great sleeper.  He will let me get about 4-4.5 hours for the first stretch of the night then about 2.5 hours till morning.

He loves to be held, and will usually take a couple naps in the day just laying on me.

He seems sensitive to dairy so I'm cutting it out to see if there is any improvement.  He has a lot of gas and has multiple sessions a day to relieve his pain.

The kids love him still.  Paige still has to come and ask to see him multiple times in a day, and sometimes still wants to hold him.  Mason is usually more concerned about where he is and how he's doing.

He is so cute and I love watching him grow more and more.

Kid update:
Mason and Paige have adjusted really well to having Jack around.  They have been spending a lot of time playing together, and Mason is a great big brother always willing to help Paige out; well most of the time.

They recently got hair cuts.  Mason was going to get his hair cut short, that changed when he found out they used clippers instead of scissors.  From now on he says only I'm allowed to cut his hair.
Paige was great for her haircut and was so excited to get one.  She was even a little sad when hers was all done, and has asked for another a few times already.

Mason:  He has started making lots of his own games up with his paper and different supplies from his craft bucket.

He is still loving preschool and has recently gotten back into playing basketball on our little hoop inside with Christoper.  Christopher taught him how to play horse, a few days later Mason asked to play a game with Christopher, when he asked what game Mason said maybe goat.  He is so silly.

Paige:  She loves the time we get to spend together after we drop off Mason at preschool which usually consists of running errands.  She has gotten used to our routine and will request going to a store after we drop Mason off and sometimes throws a fit is we don't have a store to go to.

She is no longer saying "whoopeas" instead of whoopsie, but is now started to be able to do everything by herself that she has wanted to.  Every now and then she can't do what she wants and will tell me, "It's a hard time."