Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mason turned 5

Mason turned 5! He had a very relaxed and fun birthday.

He had friends for both his 3rd and 4th birthday so we decided to make it low key and just have some family over for his birthday.

He had preschool that morning where we brought Rice Krispy Treats for his class, and they made him a paper glitter crown, and let him wear a cape and sang to him at snack time.  He loved it and felt very special.

We grabbed donuts on the way home.

At home we surprised him with an inflatable hulk that JB has had stored away for years..  He loved it.  We spent the day making his cake, and playing the games he wanted.

We had JB and Debz over along with GiGi and Grandma B for dinner which surprise, surprise he chose pizza.

Mason is so fun and energetic.  He loves to play video games, card games, board games, and wrestle.  He loves taking care of Paige and making sure she has one of whatever he has because he knows how much she loves to copy what he does.  He is a great big brother, an amazing little boy and the best son in the world.

Some of Mason's favorites:
Food: Mac n' cheese
Color: Green
Movie: Space Jam
Toy: Pokemon
Things to do: Play outside, ride my bike on the trail, play video games

Melissa visits

My sister Melissa was awesome enough to take some of her vacation time off work and come visit us.  The kids were so excited to see her.  We picked her up from the airport after dropping Mason off at preschool.  Paige and I took Melissa on a walk at Squalicum Beach we only stayed for a little while since it was windy and kind of cold.

We spent the night making pizza for dinner and hanging out.

We woke up the next morning and started out on an adventure to Canada.  We made it across the border and started off with some site seeing from the show Psych.  We found the house where Henry Spencer lived.  I didn't think I would be interested or excited about seeing it but it was fun to see and recognize it from t.v. We also saw the Psych office, the pier and boardwalk and a few other places.

We ate lunch at Moby Dick's which was delicious and we grabbed Tim Horton donuts before heading back across the border.  It was a good thing we had snacks because it was a long wait back across the border.

 It was also nice to get to use our new car and that the kids could be entertained with a movie.
We spent the rest of our time hanging out, going on walks, playing at parks and enjoying the time we got to spend together.

The kids and I were both sad to send her home but were glad with the time we got to spend with her.  Thanks Melissa for using some of your vacation to come see us, we love ya!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pearrygin '17- Long rope

Pearrygin 2017 was awesome.  The kids were great ages for  camping on the lake this year.  Mason is great because he can take care of himself and is still really timid about the water but became more daring being around the older kids.  Paige was great and walked around on the sand and played in the water never venturing in above her knees.

They both loved going on the GTX and the new Jet-Bobs.  They were constantly asking if they could ride and that it Paige would often state that it was her turn.

We spent time lounging in the water, building sand castles, riding in the kayaks, playing with the cousins, and eating a lot of snacks.

We made a few trips into town for ice cream and the kids loved it.  Paige was really excited the night we got her strawberry cheesecake flavor because it was pink, and has often asked for pink milkshakes since.

We love seeing all the cousins and spending time just playing with them.

The older boys had a great time messing around like usual being silly and trying something new and crazy.  This year it was long rope.  They hooked up all our ropes together and took turns combo skiing behind the boat.  It was quite a sight.


Pearrygin was a blast, and we loved every minute of it.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Camping trip

The kids and I went down to California for a couple weeks to hang out with cousins and go camping.
We spent the first week with my sister and her kids and were able to see all of the Phillips cousins.

The kids had a great time running around the house playing games, jumping on the trampoline and playing outside.  It was really hot and we were able to go play in a pool at a friends house.  Mason likes the water but wasn't excited about having to go in the water or get his head wet.  They also loved playing the piano, being outside in the mornings before it got too hot, and spending time with their cousins.

Paige loved dressing up and would want to be dressed as often as we would let her.

Mason of course requested lots of video games from Uncle Chris, and luckily he didn't have to twist his arm too much to play.

Paige got her toenails and fingernails painted for the first time and loved it.  She had to show everyone and talked about it constantly.

When my parents came home we packed up and went camping for a few days at a resevoir.  The kids loved riding on the kayak playing in the water with cousins, swinging in the hammock and running crazy.

This was the first time Paige went camping that she didn't sleep in a pack n' play.  She did pretty well but wanted me to lie by her until she fell asleep.  Luckily she was pretty tired and fell asleep fast.

The kids love camping and had a great time being dirty.

When we got back to my parents house the pool had been refinished and was ready for us to swim in.

We also got to be there for my niece's birthday party.  They had a fun time decorating masks, playing games, watching a show and eating cake.  Mason won the game and got some really cool mustaches.

We had a great time riding the plane home and Paige had hands in the air while we took off and said "weee".

So glad for the opportunity to go down and see family. Thanks for the visit!!