Monday, July 31, 2017

Pre-Easter Fun

This year Easter was really low-key.

Brianne and the girls were on Spring Brake and came up on Thursday, Mason was so excited and had a hard time waiting for them while they stopped at Gi Gi's and was so anxious we invited ourselves out to lunch with them at McDonald's where they had a great time and Paige was showered with attention from Kaylin I didn't even bother to worry about her up in the play-place.

While they were here they got to come to his tee ball game and cheer for him.  The girls made sure that Paige was warm even if they weren't.

They had a lot of fun playing outside and downstairs together.  They hung the plastic eggs on the tree in memory of Grandpa Reid.

And we had a little egg hunt for them, which of course they loved.  Grandma B put money in the eggs she hid at her house and Gi Gi brought some to put in their baskets; spoiled, happy kids.

They had to leave Friday night to get home for things but it was fun to see them Easter weekend; and my kids love spending time with their cousins.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun pic update

Just wanted to document some of these pictures of my two crazies and the things they do.

Paige is the ultimate copy-cat; especially if it's Mason. If he plays with something she wants it too, if he is eating a sandwich she wants a sandwich, if he has shorts on she rolls her pants up, if he crosses his legs, move his fork to the left side of his plate, makes a silly face...she does it too.

Paige is definitely not as coordinated as Mason was when he was younger, nor does she care as much if there is food on her face.

Then there was this one time we were eating jell-o and Mason somehow managed to get some on his arm, which he then ended up wiping on his face and because it was red he had marks left over where it stained his skin.

Paige is the best Mom to her babies, even Mason comments that she is a good mom or will ask me why she is such a nice mom to her babies.

Bath times have been fun with both of them. Mason in the past has been nervous about water on his head or face, but has been wanting to get better and will often yell for me to look at him while he lays down in the bath.  It may not seem like much but for a boy that used to freak out if a drop of water was on his nose this is monumental for him.

He also has some a very strange obsession/fear/interest of bugs and always tells me he sees spiders or ants places, even when they aren't there.  He even made Christopher come check his room for spiders one night before bed.  So one day while I was weeding I found a worm and asked if he wanted to hold it, I was surprised when he said yes, and was completely knocked over when he actually did.

You can see some wave in Paige's hair during the day but when she first gets out of the bath and it's still wet it has some really good curl.

Mason finally took a picture with his sports team.  He did tee ball last year and basketball this winter but wouldn't take a picture with the team; heck, I was just happy he finally agreed to wear the team shirt.  But he finally took a picture with the team and it's so cute.

Paige loves going to watch Mason play and will tell me multiple times that she sees him saying, "Deer bee bees."  That's what she calls Mason.  She will cheer for him when I tell her to but mostly plays on our blanket and picks the grass.  One time when we went she was really tired and decided to lay down for a rest with her princesses; which resulted in her being about 90% asleep for most of his practice.

I love that they play together really well almost all the time.  I think it's funny that when we go outside to play and it's really nice they always end up in the car.  They love to play in the car together and take turns driving places.

They can never get enough of throwing rocks.

And they love playing at the fire-pole park as Mason calls it and they love to sit by each other inside this tunnel, usually while I'm the monster trying to get them.

I frequently find both mine and their dirty clothes baskets dumped out so they can put their bed stuff in them to play or read books.

Mason has been the best workout buddy with me.

 Sometimes he shows me some really good moves like the backward push-ups he created. 

These kids are fun, active, unique, clever, adventurous, happy, exhausting, sweet and make me one happy Mom.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Paige turned 2

Well it happened she turned 2.

Christopher was out of town on her actual birthday so we decided to celebrate it the Saturday after and she would have no idea.  On her birthday she had a doctors appointment so I took her in for a check up and luckily she didn't have to get any shots.  Here are her stats from her appointment.

Weight:  26lbs 15.5oz (56%)
Height:  2 ft 11 inches (88%)
Head Circumference: 19.5 inches (95%)

Sine they were both good at the doctors we went and got donuts; I'm not surprised she was good since she didn't have to get any shots but I still appreciated it.

Paige really liked her money and thought it was pretty amazing that it was all hers.

For her birthday celebration we put up some streamers and made the cake that she picked out at the store.  We played with toys, danced to music and ate lots of cake and ice cream.

Paige didn't want to blow out her candles, she knows how to, but I think she got nervous and embarrassed.

Here are some things about Paige:

-She loves to copy people, Mason most of all
-Paige loves anything that is small, and uses a baby voice when showing us what she has
-She loves to run around at night before bedtime yelling and laughing
-She refused to sit in the highchair any longer and will only sit in a chair or on a stool
-She loves running around the park after the older kids
-She recently went into the play place at McDonald's, was up there for 25 minutes before finding her way down the slide at the top and she had pooped. I 'm just glad I didn't have to go up there and get her.
-When we put her in time-out she opens up the door and yells at us, then closes the door again
-She loves to eat her snacks on the floor in corners
-When you remind her or tell her to chew her food she always covers her mouth with her hand
-I love that she calls princesses "Pa pass," and Mason is stilled called, "Be bees."

I think she'll have more of the terrible two's than Mason did, but it totally fits her personality.  She is a spunky, independent, silly, sassy, opinionated, and brave little girl.  Love you Paige!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March Update

Things are going good, even with the crazy weather and the kids being cooped up.

Here's what we've been up to.  When it's snowed we've enjoyed the weather and played in the snow with snowball fights, sledding, and building snowmen.  Mason was in heaven and could have stayed in the snow all day.  Paige on the other hand loved the idea of the snow and was so excited to show anyone and everyone, multiple times a day but would cry if she had to walk on the snow, sit in the snow or be out in the snow for more than one minute.

Don't let this picture fool you, she really didn't like it.  I dropped her on the sled and waited for a break in her crying and begging for me to hold her.
When it wasn't snowy and got above 35 degrees we would take advantage and go outside.  It was nice to be outside where Paige wouldn't need me to hold her the whole time and was happy enough to walk on the ground.

We made sure to go outside anytime the sun was out.  One day Mason decided it was too warm for a jacket, and Paige decided that if Mason wasn't wearing a jacket she wasn't going to either.

We love meeting up with friends and exploring.  The boys were so proud of themselves for being able to lift the big log.  Paige was happy to sit in the stroller for a lot of the outings where she was sitting bundled up and able to watch everything.

We were able to go on a mini scavenger hunt on our trails and Mason loved telling me what he wanted to put on the list to look for.  We were able to find the big and little rocks, a tree and other things, but thankfully we didn't find a bear which he put on the list.

 We went to the park where Mason was so excited to dig for buried treasure with a stick and we all had a picnic.  We only lasted a short time once they started eating because it was too cold while sitting still.

Mason has been really into riding his pedal bike.  We had a hard time tracking down a replacement pedal but when we finally got it he was so excited.  He loves to ride around in circles and hopefully soon he will get the pedaling down so he can get the training wheels off. In between him riding in circles we find times to color with chalk.  Paige is really funny and anytime she pulls out the chalk she has to color in a certain spot on the driveway.

When we do have to be indoors the kids played really well together and have lots of times laughing and giggling in their room.  It makes me so happy to see them getting along and being friends.

 Lots of night time wrestling/jumping on dad, before bed time.

This is the nightly view for prayers.  Mason once climbed on our back to pick the person to say the prayer; since then Paige has climbed onto us during the prayer.

We also made a few trips over to Grandma B's house per Paige's request after us being outside.  She has become so used to going over anytime we go outside that she will yell, "B's house, B's house," until we go over and see her.

Grandma B also got them some awesome new clothes.  Paige loves her dog sweatshirt and Mason insists on wearing his Minions jacket and pants as frequently as I can wash them.

Mason also got to play basketball through the YMCA and did pretty well.  He still has a difficult time trying/starting things that are new to him, but it was fun to watch him learn something at practice and want to come home and dribble or shoot on the big hoop.  He also made sure to let us know how much better he was getting.

Mason is also getting better at writing letters and is being better at playing by himself and using his imagination, especially with the legos and a little bike to copy the trick bike videos Christopher shows him.

Mason requested the crocodile shirt that as he said, "Is like the one that Dad wears when he goes behind the boat."
Mason is also becoming more mischievous and during one of his quiet times he decided that my mirror looked like a good bridge to walk on.  Luckily he wasn't seriously hurt and only had a couple small scratches on his foot.

Paige is getting bigger and talking better.  She is looking more and more grown up with longer hair and moving around with a little more coordination.  She has also started to ask to ride Mason's old balance bike while he is on his pedal bike and can barely reach her feet to the ground, but she loves it.

Glad to know that even though she is looking older and talking more, she is still my baby a little bit and looks so serene when she's asleep.

We've also had some really good church activities, Mason and his friend who is a year older got read word for word instructions on the game Exploding Kitties.  It was awesome to see the two little boys sit and listen, even though they looked like they had no idea what he was saying, Mason actually ended up winning the game.

He has the best primary teacher who really loves him and is constantly sending him home with fun gifts and awesome pictures.

He also go to go to a primary activity where he go to live out two of his natural roles, a lion and a man attacking people with a knife.  I'm so proud.

We've had a great couple months of staying busy but are looking forward to maybe getting some more sunshine and to seeing if winter ever decides to be over.  Until then we'll be keeping ourselves busy inside; and making sure to take advantage of any outdoors time we get.