Thursday, September 21, 2017

Camping trip

The kids and I went down to California for a couple weeks to hang out with cousins and go camping.
We spent the first week with my sister and her kids and were able to see all of the Phillips cousins.

The kids had a great time running around the house playing games, jumping on the trampoline and playing outside.  It was really hot and we were able to go play in a pool at a friends house.  Mason likes the water but wasn't excited about having to go in the water or get his head wet.  They also loved playing the piano, being outside in the mornings before it got too hot, and spending time with their cousins.

Paige loved dressing up and would want to be dressed as often as we would let her.

Mason of course requested lots of video games from Uncle Chris, and luckily he didn't have to twist his arm too much to play.

Paige got her toenails and fingernails painted for the first time and loved it.  She had to show everyone and talked about it constantly.

When my parents came home we packed up and went camping for a few days at a resevoir.  The kids loved riding on the kayak playing in the water with cousins, swinging in the hammock and running crazy.

This was the first time Paige went camping that she didn't sleep in a pack n' play.  She did pretty well but wanted me to lie by her until she fell asleep.  Luckily she was pretty tired and fell asleep fast.

The kids love camping and had a great time being dirty.

When we got back to my parents house the pool had been refinished and was ready for us to swim in.

We also got to be there for my niece's birthday party.  They had a fun time decorating masks, playing games, watching a show and eating cake.  Mason won the game and got some really cool mustaches.

We had a great time riding the plane home and Paige had hands in the air while we took off and said "weee".

So glad for the opportunity to go down and see family. Thanks for the visit!!

Grammie's Visit

We were so lucky that my mom was able to come up and visit us for a week.  She flew in on Saturday morning and we wanted to make the most of it.  After stopping at the house to drop off her things and eat a quick breakfast we headed over to hike Oyster Dome.

Mason did great after his initial whinnying and ran up the switchbacks beating us up the mountain.  We loved the views and being able to enjoy the outdoors.  Mason did get to ride back with Christopher while I carried Paige down.  They are really funny when we walk or hike because Paige is too little to keep up and has to ride even though she wants to walk, and Mason is too big to carry but refuses and complains about having to walk.

After we cleaned up and realized a little we headed out for dinner at El Rin.  It tasted so good, but probably because I was really tired.  My mom said she slept great that night.

The next day was Easter Sunday so we went to church then after we had dinner of ham, deviled eggs, potatoes, jello eggs, and rolls.  It was really good.  After dinner we went for a walk through Whatcom Falls where once again Mason wasn't too excited to walk so my mom took pity on him and carried him for a little while.  Paige even got to walk part of the way and cried when we put her back in the stroller.

My mom was able to come watch Mason's tee ball practice and game that week and it was a lot of fun watching him perform for her and making sure he did a good job for all the people that came to watch.

The rest of the week we spent, playing outside, going to a park and getting caught in the rain on the way home, meeting Christopher at the Bagelry, watching movies and shows, going down to the Tulip Festival, playing tons on my mom's phone and kindles, reading books, and of course baking.

Mason loved helping make the pretzels, he got to punch the dough over and over again, if you know Mason that is what he's all about.

One night after the kids went down my mom and I were able to go on a walk just the two of us and it was so fun.  I love going on walks with my mom and getting the chance to talk with her.

My kids (and I) were so sad the morning we had to drop her off at the airport and Mason still asks how long until we go down there this summer for a camping trip.

It was so much fun to have my mom here and for the kids to get some one-on-one time with Grammie.  We miss you and can't wait for our trip next month!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Pre-Easter Fun

This year Easter was really low-key.

Brianne and the girls were on Spring Brake and came up on Thursday, Mason was so excited and had a hard time waiting for them while they stopped at Gi Gi's and was so anxious we invited ourselves out to lunch with them at McDonald's where they had a great time and Paige was showered with attention from Kaylin I didn't even bother to worry about her up in the play-place.

While they were here they got to come to his tee ball game and cheer for him.  The girls made sure that Paige was warm even if they weren't.

They had a lot of fun playing outside and downstairs together.  They hung the plastic eggs on the tree in memory of Grandpa Reid.

And we had a little egg hunt for them, which of course they loved.  Grandma B put money in the eggs she hid at her house and Gi Gi brought some to put in their baskets; spoiled, happy kids.

They had to leave Friday night to get home for things but it was fun to see them Easter weekend; and my kids love spending time with their cousins.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun pic update

Just wanted to document some of these pictures of my two crazies and the things they do.

Paige is the ultimate copy-cat; especially if it's Mason. If he plays with something she wants it too, if he is eating a sandwich she wants a sandwich, if he has shorts on she rolls her pants up, if he crosses his legs, move his fork to the left side of his plate, makes a silly face...she does it too.

Paige is definitely not as coordinated as Mason was when he was younger, nor does she care as much if there is food on her face.

Then there was this one time we were eating jell-o and Mason somehow managed to get some on his arm, which he then ended up wiping on his face and because it was red he had marks left over where it stained his skin.

Paige is the best Mom to her babies, even Mason comments that she is a good mom or will ask me why she is such a nice mom to her babies.

Bath times have been fun with both of them. Mason in the past has been nervous about water on his head or face, but has been wanting to get better and will often yell for me to look at him while he lays down in the bath.  It may not seem like much but for a boy that used to freak out if a drop of water was on his nose this is monumental for him.

He also has some a very strange obsession/fear/interest of bugs and always tells me he sees spiders or ants places, even when they aren't there.  He even made Christopher come check his room for spiders one night before bed.  So one day while I was weeding I found a worm and asked if he wanted to hold it, I was surprised when he said yes, and was completely knocked over when he actually did.

You can see some wave in Paige's hair during the day but when she first gets out of the bath and it's still wet it has some really good curl.

Mason finally took a picture with his sports team.  He did tee ball last year and basketball this winter but wouldn't take a picture with the team; heck, I was just happy he finally agreed to wear the team shirt.  But he finally took a picture with the team and it's so cute.

Paige loves going to watch Mason play and will tell me multiple times that she sees him saying, "Deer bee bees."  That's what she calls Mason.  She will cheer for him when I tell her to but mostly plays on our blanket and picks the grass.  One time when we went she was really tired and decided to lay down for a rest with her princesses; which resulted in her being about 90% asleep for most of his practice.

I love that they play together really well almost all the time.  I think it's funny that when we go outside to play and it's really nice they always end up in the car.  They love to play in the car together and take turns driving places.

They can never get enough of throwing rocks.

And they love playing at the fire-pole park as Mason calls it and they love to sit by each other inside this tunnel, usually while I'm the monster trying to get them.

I frequently find both mine and their dirty clothes baskets dumped out so they can put their bed stuff in them to play or read books.

Mason has been the best workout buddy with me.

 Sometimes he shows me some really good moves like the backward push-ups he created. 

These kids are fun, active, unique, clever, adventurous, happy, exhausting, sweet and make me one happy Mom.